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• Are you offered a cash alternative and want to find out if this car allowance is a better option than paying company car tax?
• Do you only get a car allowance and want to see just how affordable the best car makes can be?
• Perhaps you simply want a low-cost route to owning a brand new vehicle?
Cash or Car? shows you the most tax-efficient way to a 'Virtual Company Car' - a brand new fully maintained vehicle for a fixed monthly cost.
The information and company car tax calculations comply fully with the latest UK tax rules including CO2 'car benefit' and 'free fuel' taxes.

Budget of the Coalition Government 23 March 2011 - All our calculations include George Osborne's latest UK tax changes.
Choose from the options below and see how much you could save. Then find your ideal car from our database of over 6,000 models and request competitive quotes.

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